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Asset Management System(AMS)


AMS enables you to keep track of hardware assets, licenses and domains for your clients, get your projects organized, provide support through the powerful help desk and track and organize your work with the powerful project management feature.

Now with billing, sales and expenses management, AMS will enable to you to manage your business easily from one single app.

AMS comes fully featured with credentials manager, project management, reports, user area, calendar, file manager, reminders and many more.


•            Dashboard

Overview of your activity including active tickets, assigned issues, recent assets and licenses and finance overview.

•            Clients

Easily manage all client’s data in one single page.

•            Assets

Keep track of all the hardware you manage.

•            Licenses

Keep track of all the licenses you manage.

•            Domains

Keep track of all the domains under your administration.

•            Projects

Easy to use project management feature.

Visualize and organize your work with ease with the new Kanban board feature.

•            Tickets

Use the powerful help desk feature to provide support for your clients.

Ticket Auto-import from any email account via IMAP.

•            Issues

Easily track and plan all your work through issues.

Tasks, Maintenance Issues, Bug Tracking, Improvement Issues or New Feature Issues, all in one place. Assign issues to other team members.

Associate issues to other objects in the system like clients, assets or projects.

•            Sales

AMS comes fully packed with Leads management, Proposals, Proformas, Invoices and Recurring Billing.

•            Expenses Tracking

Use expenses to keep track of your costs with ease.

•            Reports

Professional reports so you can get the information you need easily.

•            Credential Manager

Easily manage all your credentials.

Assign credentials to assets and/or clients.

•            User Area

Easy to use user area.

Your users can view their inventory, view work progress, send tickets or issues, view their billing summary, browse the knowledge base or the documentations.

•            File Storage

Keep all your files in one place.

Upload files related to clients, assets or projects.

•            Multi Language Support

System can be easily translated to any language.

•            Easy Installation, multi-entity billing and expenses system, gravatar support, email Notifications, project Management, file manager, calendar, reminders and many more…


Demo URL:- https://www.assets.royaltrix.com/demo

Username:- admin@gmail.com

Password:- admin 



•            To run assets your hosting server must support the following:

•            Apache/Nginx/Litespeed/Openlitespeed webserver

•            PHP version 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1

•            MySQL 5+ or compatible (MariaDB 5+)

•            php-gd extension

•            php-mbstring extension

•            php-imap extension

•            php-mysqli extension

•            php-fileinfo extension

•            php-iconv extension

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